Our in-house service crew is here to serve you when you’re faced with any possible issue such as roof leaks, blown-off shingles, or skylight leaks. Be it a residential or commercial roof system, expect a prompt and efficient solution from us. Below we detail only a few of the rather visible shingle problems that can turn into real headaches if not dealt with as soon as possible.

Repair Services

Repair Promotion

Can't think of a new roof at the moment but need urgent roof work? Get a 50% reimbursement (up to $750) in repair costs when you choose us for a roof replacement this year!

But hey… what about those other sneaky, small roof damages that are invisible to the naked eye? Inspections are akin to a good old annual doctor visit. You might not be feeling sick, but you still go to check if everything is okay. 

A comprehensive roof inspection includes a review of the following areas:

Inspection Promotion

The rainy season is upon us. And yes, the most trusted roofers are here to save your day (and your roof). We are offering complete roof inspections with condition reports and 6-month no leak guarantee at just $99 for 1-story homes and $149 for 2-story homes.

Roof Emergency?

Need professional assistance ASAP? 
We got you covered! Call us today and have us show up at your place in no time.