Schou Education Center

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The work on this 100 year old heritage building required a complete removal of old asphalt shingles along with an installation of brand new high temperature peel and stick membrane (providing superior protection against weather) and durable Enviroshake aged cedar roofing shingles. Due to the height of the building (reaching over 100ft at its highest peak) and its steep slope, the roofing eco-friendly material had to be loaded up from a big crane and installed with extra security.
Enviroshake shingles on site construction


The steep 9000ft2 new roof was finished after 3 weeks of careful work. This massive building had multiple construction workers on site working on different aspects of the property. Special care and attention had to be given to our surroundings, so as to prevent accidents or problems with other workers on the site.
Enviroshake roof on schou educational center construction
Enviroshake roof on schou educational center
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