Cedar to asphalt shingle conversion

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Scope of Work

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The job required a conversion from cedar to new Certainteed Landmark asphalt shingles. These types of conversions require increased amounts of work: To start, the tar paper underlayment and the old cedar shakes must be pulled out. After correctly disposing of the material, the roof deck is inspected to replace any rotting boards and fix loose nails. The entire deck is then covered with ⅜ inch sheets of plywood, which are then covered by a new synthetic underlayment. Finally, the new fiberglass laminate shingles are installed on top. The job is then inspected one last time to make sure everything is in order.
Asphalt shingle moire black roof


After a week, the conversion was finalized. High profile ridge caps were installed, these caps are 3 ply thick which are great for added durability as well giving the roof added definition. The roof’s ventilation system was also upgraded to ensure proper air flow and prevent premature deterioration of the new shingles.
Asphalt shingle moire black roof
Asphalt shingle moire black roof
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