Asphalt shingle with dead valley and barrel roofs

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Scope of Work

About the project

This brand new roof required the installation of a synthetic underlayment and Certainteed Landmark asphalt shingles. The property featured different roofing sections including: two barrel roofs and a dead valley. 2 ply torch-on membranes needed to be installed on these sections to provide robust roofing protection, specifically for the dead valley, since it’s exposed to more water flow than most of the other roofing areas.
Asphalt shingle moire black roof and dead valley


After a week of work, 3500ft2 of roofing material was successfully installed. Even though simple and straightforward shingle roofing jobs are the most common, once in a while we get to work on properties that include fun little sections like the barrel roofs on this project. For sections like these we not only need to be extremely careful when installing but also somewhat creative to figure out just how can we properly install the diverse roofing materials as best and safely as possible.
Dead valley
Torch-on barrel roof
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