From Abbotsford to North Vancouver, and Hope to Port Coquitlam, we all experience considerable rain exposure in BC. Weather can definitely be a limiting factor of many roofing systems out there… For instance, the sun deteriorates wood and asphalt shingles. Nails rust, and begin to pop up, causing leaks within 4-6 years from installation. Gutters get clogged with debris and trash. And then there’s ventilation

Poor, inadequate ventilation blocks inner parts of the roofing system, accounting for about 90% of roof system failures.

A good maintenance program will make sure that neither the elements, nor installation imperfections such as improper flashing applications, torn underlayment, misaligned valleys, nailing above or below the tiny shingle nail line, shorten the life of your roof considerably.

We conduct these scheduled roof maintenance sessions on anything from residential to commercial roofs and gutters.


Inspection Package

We are offering complete roof inspections with condition reports and 6-month no leak guarantee at just $99 for 1-story homes and $149 for 2-story homes.

Repair Promotion

Can’t think of a new roof at the moment but need urgent roof work? Get a  50% reimbursement (up to $750) in repair costs when you choose us for a roof replacement this year!